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What is ‘Punk Ethnography’? Practical development of a critical methodology.

10th March 2021

Seminar at the Centre for Media Research, Ulster University.

Discussion of some recent ethnographic work with punk and anarchist activists, and thinking ahead to the upcoming project: ‘Failed States and Creative Resistances: The Everyday Life of Punks in Belfast, Banda Aceh, Mitrovica and Soweto’. Critical focus on the epistemologies and methodologies that underpin research that is of the punks, by the punks, and for the punks.


Anarchist analyses of conflict and post-conflict in punk in Northern Ireland, 1978-2020.

2nd September 2020

6th International Anarchist Studies Network Conference.

Curated chronological playlist of 42 Northern Ireland punk songs, stretching across 42 years, aurally sketching punk anarchist counter-narratives through the songs themselves.

Anarchism and punk have been particularly closely intertwined in Northern Ireland and for over 40 years punk has provided critical counter-narratives to sectarian ‘two traditions’ mentalities, both during the height of the conflict crisis (1969-1998), and during the perpetual crises of the neo-liberal post-conflict period (1998 onwards).


‘Punks Against Sweatshops’: interview with the Punk Ethics campaign.

2nd September 2020

6th International Anarchist Studies Network Conference.

Campaign video by the Punk Ethics Collective followed an interview with Jay Kerr from Punk Ethics.


Interview with Asel Luzarraga (Basque author, anarchist activist and punk musician).

2nd September 2020

6th International Anarchist Studies Network Conference.

Asel Luzarraga in interview with Jim Donaghey. Asel discusses the relationships between punk and anarchism in the Basque Country and Chile, the protest movement in Chile, the ongoing struggle of the indigenous Mapuche people, state repression of anarchists, and the impact of the pandemic on protest and organising.


Punk Song Counter-Narratives in Northern Ireland 1977-2020.

21st May 2020

‘Sensing Divisions’ virtual conference hosted by Queen’s University Belfast.

Curated playlist of punk in Northern Ireland from 1977 to 2020. The presentation takes the themes of ‘confrontation’ and ‘escape’ in punk in Northern Ireland and traces their trajectory through the last 43 years.


‘Fuck Nostalgia’: Conflicting punk imaginaries of ‘retromania’ and iconoclastic contemporaneousness

«Fuck Nostalgia»: Des imaginaires contradictoire de punk – «retromanie» et contemporanéité iconoclaste

12th June/Juin 2020

For the 32nd workshop of the Council of Europe’s FER-EURETHNO group on ‘Imaginaries of time, times of imaginaries’, hosted by the University of Łódź, held online. With captions in English and French.

Pour le 32e atelier du réseau FER-EURETHNO sur «Les imaginaires du temps, les temps des imaginaires», organisé par l’Université de Łódź, tenue en ligne. Avec légendes en anglais et français.


MPod – Alternative Ulster: Anti-sectarian punk in Northern Ireland.

1st April 2020

With interviewees Jim Donaghey and Kira Topalian.

MPod episode 9 on MediaSite


Great Anarchists Podcast Series

October 2019 – November 2020

The Great Anarchists pamphlet series, by Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper, is published by Dog Section Press and Active Distribution.This Podcast series features readings of each of these pamphlets by Barbara Graham and Jim Donaghey.

#1 Peter Kropotkin

#2 Voltairine De Cleyre

#3 Michael Bakunin

#4 Louise Michel

#5 Oscar Wilde

#6 Max Stirner

#7 Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

#8 Lucy Parsons

#9 William Godwin

#10 Errico Malatesta


‘A New War’ – anarchist musician Kevin Jones on the suicide epidemic in Northern Ireland.

20th March 2019

Also available to read at AnarchistStudies.Blog.


MaximumRockNRoll Remote Radio, episode 1634 (Belfast vs Dublin head-to-head), with Jim Donaghey and John Bombs.

4th November 2018


The Sparrows’ Nest Library and Archive.

4th June 2018

Also available to read at AnarchistStudies.Blog.